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The combination of these substances attenuates some of their effects and increases others.
Reliability: inferred.
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The combination of these substances does not significantly increase their risks compared to independent use.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

Il semble admis que le GHB a un effet en deux phases : sédatif à forte dose, puis stimulant dans un deuxième temps ou à faible dose. Ses interactions dépendent donc du dosage et de la temporalité. Cette particularité est documentée dans cette petite étude, et dans des sources secondaires telles que PNWiki et ce topic.

As the PsychonautWiki article summarizes, the effects of GHB may change drastically in function of dosage, and time. At high doses, it is sedative at the peak of the trip and stimulating at the end of it; in small doses, it is simply stimulating. Its synergies with other substances thus depend on these parameters.

GHB and MDMA both have in common their empathogenic, euphoric and disinhibiting effects. According to this meta study, episodic use of this combination leads to a reinforcement of the pro-social effects (empathy, chatter ...) while reducing the stimulation induced by MDMA.

menu_book About risks

GHB is a central nervous system depressant, which is easy to overdose with especially in combination with a stimulant that masks its effects.