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bubble_chart Synergistic tendency



The combination of these substances attenuates some of their effects and increases others.
Reliability: inferred.
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error_outline Estimated risk



This combination presents relatively low physical or mental risks, or may result in risky situations.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

In qualitative studies (such as here and here), subjects described the mix as intensifying the high while counteracting GHB' sedating MDMA's stimulating effects. In reports (here, there and there), GHB is often taken at the end of MDMA to smooth the descent, lengthen prosocial effects and stimulate sexual appetite.

This narrative review hypothesizes about the pharmacology of the mixture. For example, it speculates that the specific high is induced by a GHB-induced increase in serotonin synthesis, which would enhance the serotonergic effects of MDMA.

In rats (study), GHB reduces MDMA-induced hyperthermia and locomotor stimulation.

menu_book About risks

In 2024, there is little academic data on the risks of this mixture. We rely on feedback from users and analogy with similar drugs.

GHB use carries the risk of overdose, especially with repeated intakes. This risk is amplified by MDMA's disinhibiting and stimulating effects, which can mask the effects. Also, this user recommends keeping a written record of each intake.

In this study, poly-drug use of stimulants and depressants (such as MDMA and GHB) was correlated with more risky practices and adverse effects than stimulant use alone.

In particular, GHB is addictive. Its use to compensate MDMA's indesirable could increase the risk of developing problematic use (see benzodiazepines).