Substance: 2C-B-Fly

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2C-B-Fly is an entactogenic, psychedelic substance belonging to the phenylethylamine family. Little information is available on this molecule, whose mode of action is still unclear. It is believed to act as a serotonin receptor agonist, and a few signs suggest that it has a significant MAOI-A action.


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These substances do not interact significantly. Their effects are similar and add up.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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The risks of this combination are not sufficiently known to be properly estimated.

flare About effects

2C-B-Fly is a product that is too new for studies to have been done on its combinations. This description is therefore based on testimonials found on the Internet.

Although it is suspected to have a notable MAOI-A effect, the few feedbacks of its combination with MDMA do not report any particular problem for the time being. However, they are far too rare to draw any conclusion on the dangers of this combination. Two users (here and there) seem to agree to find it redundant as the two substances would be so similar, MDMA not bringing much to the 2C-B-Fly experience.

menu_book About risks

This in vitro study acknowledges a significant MAOI-A effect of 2C-B-fly. Such an effect is also suspected by users because of its synergy with other substances (see this post) and some characteristic gastrointestinal problems (described on PNWiki).

Although there are positive feedbacks of this combo (like this trip report), an MAOI-A action implies an increased risk of serotonin syndrome in case of abuse. Caution is therefore advised.

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