bubble_chart Synergistic tendency



The effects of these substances are multiplied or greatly modified by their combination.
Reliability: inferred.
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error_outline Estimated risk



The combination of these substances does not significantly increase their risks compared to independent use.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

This description is a sum of testimonials found on the Internet.

Although MDMA and nitrous oxide act in very different ways on the body, their effects seem to potentiate each other with a synergy between dissociative and euphoric effects. The feeling is short but very intense, which easily leads to compulsive behaviors where users chase balloon after balloon to regain this state. The rest of the trip can seem dull by comparison, so an internaut advises waiting for the MDMA to come down so as not to "spoil" the plateau.

At high doses, this experience can be overwhelming to the point of causing unconsciousness or discouraging repetition.

menu_book About risks

At first glance, this combination doesn't involve any direct risk.

But it can lead (as here) to nitrous oxide abuse, which entails some risks, mostly related to oxygen deprivation.

There is one anecdotal case of pneumomediastinum. This very rare condition may result from the consumption of either of these two products.