Ketamine + MDMA
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bubble_chart Synergistic tendency



The effects of these substances are multiplied or greatly modified by their combination.
Reliability: inferred.
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This combination presents relatively low physical or mental risks, or may result in risky situations.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

We found no studies on the effects of mixing ketamine and MDMA.

Several testimonials (see here and there) report unexpected potentation : visual and destabilizing, almost delirious. One contributor warns against overdosing. This user describes the experience as "a psychedelic mess". DMT-Nexus refers to it as a "lucid dream".

In small doses, some people find that MDMA adds warmth to the ketamine experience, which in turn brings psychedelia to MDMA (testimonials in French and English). It also appears that ketamine eases the muscular tension caused by MDMA.

menu_book About risks

In 2022, there were no reports of intoxication attributed to this mixture.

But in theory, there is a cardiovascular risk: ketamine's instructions indicate a very frequent increase in blood pressure and heart rate (absorbed within 15 minutes). This side effect is more frequent in the event of interaction with a stimulant, such as MDMA. Ketamine being contraindicated in people with a history of cardiovascular disease, this mixtures is even more so.

This combination can lead to powerful psychedelic potentiation, which can be unpleasant or dangerous if unexpected: so participants in this thread recommend vigilance when using ketamine, including when coming down from MDMA.

On the contrary, the effects of one could mask those of the other, leading to unintentional overdose by prompting redosing: as this user explains, this risk is accentuated by ketamine's short duration of action.

According to this study on mice, binge of both substances could worsen the dopaminergic toxicity of MDMA.