Cannabis + MDMA
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bubble_chart Synergistic tendency



The combination of these substances attenuates some of their effects and increases others.
Reliability: inferred.
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error_outline Estimated risk



This combination presents relatively low physical or mental risks, or may result in risky situations.
Reliability: inferred.
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flare About effects

According to this meta-analysis, some users exploit cannabis' anxiolytic effects to overcome the descent and backlash of MDMA, while others users seek to enhance the trip itself. Reports show that cannabis' psychedelic effect can interact with MDMA in surprising ways: mental synergy, closed-eye hallucinations, bad trip...

This meta-analysis provides a summary of current knowledge. THC appears to increase MDMA's tachycardia and play a role, as yet ill-defined and sometimes contradictory, in its subjective effects.

menu_book About risks

Occasionally, this mixture does not seem to present any physical risk. However, it should be noted that cannabis can induce anxiety, and does not necessarily go well with challenging consumption: this trip report is a good example.

As shown in this meta-analysis, chronic use of cannabis and MDMA seems to correlate with greater symptoms of mental illness (paranoia, impulsivity, memory disorders...) than with each substance alone, as well as with lowered immune defenses and endocrine disruption.