Benzodiazepines + MDMA
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The effects of these substances are contradictory and some of them are attenuated.
Reliability: inferred.
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This combination presents relatively low physical or mental risks, or may result in risky situations.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

Benzodiazepines]1 being depressants and MDMA a stimulant, their subjective effects can counteract each other. For example, this article aimed at healthcare professionals recommends using benzodiazepines to treat agitation caused by stimulants.

There is little evidence of the combination itself, as the two substances are rarely taken at the same time. One feedback mentions a pleasant synergy between MDMA and alprazolam, in which the latter eases the muscular tension of MDMA while inducing euphoria.

Some users are accustomed to consuming benzodiazepines to dampen MDMA crashes or induce sleep (testimonial). This practice was observed in this study. The benzodiazepine is then taken after the MDMA has worn off.

menu_book About risks

As benzodiazepines are nervous system depressants, combining them with a stimulant such as MDMA can mask their effects and lead to overdose. This risk must be managed on a case-by-case basis, as two benzodiazepines can have very different dosages and durations (compare, for example, temazepam and alprazolam).

Benzodiazepines are addictive. That's why some users warn against using them to soften a downturn or a backlash. Indeed, according to this study, polyconsumption of stimulants and depressants is correlated with more risky practices and side effects than consumption of stimulants alone. For example, in this testimonial, alprazolam addiction was a consequence of weekly MDMA use.

The authors of this study claim, without sourcing their point, that mixing MDMA and benzodiazepines could lead to arrhythmia due to conflicting signals sent to the heart. Yet medical textbooks such as this one recommend the use of benzodiazepines (under medical supervision) to treat the agitation and hypertension of MDMA.