2C-T-x + MDMA
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bubble_chart Synergistic tendency



The effects of these substances are multiplied or greatly modified by their combination.
Reliability: inferred.
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The combination of these substances presents major physical or mental risks.
Reliability: inferred.
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flare About effects

Among the 2C-x, some molecules are suspected of having an MAOI effect. This is the case of 2C-T-x. In addition to the expected synergy, there is a potentization that can lead to a poisoning called "serotonin syndrome" and/or to a hypertensive crisis. There is no study on their interaction with MDMA.

Users report powerful synergies. For example this trip report describes excessive pleasure with 2C-T-7, and this one a delusional episode with the same combo. It is strongly recommended to lower the dosages.

menu_book About risks

2C-T-7 alone is already known to have delirogenic and toxic effects (even fatal, see this medical report) in case of overdose. Furthermore, the potentiation of MDMA can cause an overdose even at normal doses, as in this trip report. There is at least one case of death by cerebral hemorrhage with this combo (reported by Erowid).

Moreover, as one can read on PNWiki, 2C-T-x are suspected to have an MAOI-A and MAOI-B effect (notably because of this in vitro study). This would explain the strong potentials reported by users, but would also imply, as explained in this article, a serious risk of serotonin syndrome.