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The effects of these substances are multiplied or greatly modified by their combination.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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The combination of these substances presents non-negligible physical or mental risks.
Reliability: hypothetical.
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flare About effects

From the similarities of 25x-NBOx and LSD or 2C-x, one can assume a potentialization between 25x-NBOx and MDMA. It is therefore advised to lower the doses in case of combination.

To the psychedelic effects of 25x-NBOx is added a strong stimulation accompanied by vaso-constriction. If their combo with MDMA is often compared to a candyflip, the feedback are less unanimous. Several testimonies report a bodyload that is too pronounced, even painful or disturbing. Episodes of distressing delirium sometimes occur in positive trip reports, like here. This is why many users call for caution, including those who have enjoyed the experience (see for example here).

menu_book About risks

There is very little data on the 25x-NBOx family and even less on their combination with MDMA. To estimate risk, one must therefore make assumptions. This lack of information is a risk factor on its own: how can you avoid a problem you don't know about?

PNWiki classifies this combo as dangerous but without specifying why. Nevertheless, one can learn from the interaction data between NBOx and amphetamine to assume the nature of this risk: combining two nervous system stimulants can lead to tachycardia, hypertension, vasoconstriction and in extreme cases heart failure. NBOx are known to cause seizures and stimulants can increase this risk. In addition, serotonin toxicity has not yet been evaluated.

The gap between recreational and toxic doses of 25x-NBOx is very thin with, which despite their short history have already been implicated in numerous accidents and deaths (of which this study gives a good overview). Combining them with MDMA has already resulted in at least one overdose).